Newsletter - April 2020

A Message from Eustace W. Mita, President of The Papal Foundation

March 26, 2020

Greetings from The Papal Foundation world headquarters in Chester, PA. 

First of all, we pray and hope that everyone and all of your families are safe during these COVID-19 times. There is so much chaos and so much fear, and our hope and our prayer is that the chaos turns to calm very quickly. Right beside me we have an image of Jesus. And we always say, “Jesus, I trust in you,” as we know from the Devine Mercy Chaplet.  We also have an image of Padre Pio whose motto, as you know, was “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry.”

It seems to me we are all so fortunate to be part of The Papal Foundation family because we know that fear doesn’t come from our Lord. Fear comes from the enemy. Faith comes from our Lord.

So these are certainly trying times, we all know that. We just wanted to remind everyone that here we are in the Lenten season, and we have an opportunity to suffer with our Lord as He did in His own passion. 

It reminds me of a great story in the Bible -  one of my favorites.
It is Luke Chapter 24:13-35, “The Road to Emmaus.” If you remember, there were two disciples that were leaving Jerusalem on the road to Emmaus. And our Lord had just been crucified three days earlier.

They were downtrodden. They were filled with anxiety, and they were looking down, walking and talking to each other when somebody else joined them on the walk. And he asked them, “Where are you going?” 

They said they had left Jerusalem and were on their way to Emmaus, and they said to him, “Haven’t you heard? He said, “Heard what?”

They said, “Of Jesus of Nazareth who we had hoped was the Messiah. And how he was crucified three days ago. But now, all hope is lost.”

And he said to them, “You of little faith. Was it not Moses who prophesied how the Messiah, the Son of Man, would die and rise on the third day?”

Then he talked about how Isaiah had foretold 500 years ago about the birth, the life, the passion and the death of Our Lord. And as they got closer to Jerusalem, they were not only amazed, they were heartened by this discussion they were having with who we know was Jesus. 

They said to him, “Can you not stay with us? It’s dark.”

So he agreed to stay with them. And as he broke the bread, he disappeared from their sight.  And instead of getting sad, they looked at each other and said, “That was Jesus! Weren’t our hearts not burning with joy when he spoke?”

So they went from being heart broken to having hearts burning with joy!

It seems to me that during this Lenten Season that we have the same opportunity.
Yes, COVID-19 is terrible, as is what is going on all around the world. 

In the words of St. Pio, “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry!”

Let’s stay close to our families and close to the vine. Jesus, I trust in you! 

Please try to have a Happy Easter and know that you’ll be in our prayers every day, and hopefully you will keep us in your prayers too.

And if you haven’t heard yet, Cardinal Sean has been giving a great, 20-minute retreat during these trying times.
This 6 part series is now available on demand. All you have to do is go to  ( So, please avail yourself to that. There will be one last reflection on the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, April 9 at 7pm ET.
God bless you all and have a Happy Easter!